UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Posts Bloody Photo After Ripping Open His Scrotum

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UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell described in excruciating detail Tuesday how a power drill tore open his scrotum recently ― and he posted a photo of his bloody underwear. (See it below if you can stomach it.)

“i ripped my nutsack in half,” he wrote on Instagram. “im bout to get stitched up.”

Mitchell wrote that he had a drill tucked in his pants as he held a board over his head, and then the drill turned on.

He added that he was in no mood for puns but joked that if someone had to make jokes, at least put some thought into it. We wouldn’t dare. This sounds truly awful.

The Arkansas-based Mitchell, 23, has a 10-1-0 record, but if he wants to keep his MMA career on track, we hope to god he never places a drill in his pants again.

Now (AND YOU’RE WARNED) here’s the photo of his bloody underwear after the accident. 

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